How to make payments on Balancesoft
The merchant may direct you to a Balancesoft Payments page where details of the payment will be found.
You first need to connect Balancesoft to your Solana wallet.
Choose the blockchain which you would like to make payment from. Currently there is only one Solana option (default), going forward, we might support more chains.
Choose which coins (stablecoins / non-stablecoins) which you want to pay from. Balancesoft's pricing API will calculate the equivalent rate in your selected currency. This gives you flexibility in payments.
Click on make payment and approve the payment within the time limit.
There may be data fields requested by the merchant for you to fill in, before you can make the payment.
Click on Payment, follow the prompts that may show up on your Wallet page, approve.
Payment Page
On successful payment, you can see the success transaction ID, alongside any other information which you have provided the merchant.
Post Payment
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