How to set up your Balancesoft account
Log in / create an account from
The account settings page can be found at Account > Account Settings.

Sync your Solana wallet address to Balancesoft

You would need to provide Balancesoft with your Solana wallet address. This address will be used to receive payments on all your payment requests.
You can either type in the address manually, or update the field automatically from your connected wallet.
In the same page, you can select the list of acceptable coins to receive, the coins can be stablecoins or non-stablecoins. The user can pay the coin equivalent value of the amount charged in the invoice, the price will be converted from our own pricing API at mid-rate.

Update your account settings

Fill in the fields to enjoy the full Balancesoft experience. If you are a merchant with a registered business, you can verify your company with us to get the blue-check market beside your name in your payment requests.