Overview of Balancesoft

What is Balancesoft

Balancesoft is financial software infrastructure for companies to receive on-chain (crypto) payments and have blockchain transactions automatically reconciled into accounting systems.

Who should use it and how can it benefit you?

Obvious users are e-commerce platforms and b2b companies, especially so when the user base has some of the following traits:
  • User demands for "privacy"
  • User frequently receives cross-border payments
  • User is tech-savvy to pick up and use crypto payments
Going forward, more funds will stay on-chain to participate in price appreciation, or to earn yield. Also, bear in mind that it is still quite cumbersome to go on-off ramp too frequently for crypto funds. Balancesoft comes in to facilitate on-chain payments for the ecosystem to receive and spend funds.
Balancesoft provides a hosted payment page in which merchants can generate and add details to the payment request. The customer can connect their Solana wallet to the page, make payment with a click, and the payment will be updated onto the merchant’s side, with relevant email notifications sent out. This reduces time, friction and errors in the payment cycle.
If you are running an e-commerce platform and if you are looking for a cheaper, faster, irreversible payment system, we would like to speak to you, please Telegram message us.