How to create payment requests via no-code Balancesoft Pay Button
Create a payment request as per the page - "How to create payment requests via sharable links".
Instead of sharing the link with your user, you now embed the code snippet with your user, which your user can click and be directed to your hosted payment page.
Bring up the code snippet
The HTML button will direct to the respective hosted Balancesoft Pay website where your user can make payment according to the payment parameters which you have previously specified.
You may select and customize the button label to suit your website.
Generated Code Snippet
Example of a pay button code block
<button style="background: #fd9251; border-color: #fd9251; border-radius: 2px; border: 1px solid transparent; color: white; cursor: pointer; outline: 0; padding: 4px 15px;" onclick="'','_blank')">Balancesoft Pay</button>
Your button will look like the following once you embed it into a html website.
Embedded Button
Once clicked, the user will be redirected to a hosted payment page like the one below, where they can make payment and furnish any information which you may want from them..

Use Case

This feature can be useful for tips collection, fund raising or to raise donations. For example, as a content creator, you can embed the button your content website so your audience can make payments to you.
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